Community Empowerment

Entry level training for
community organizers

Community Empowerment Classes

The Community Empowerment classes are designed to help both grassroots and non-profit leaders and community organizers to become more organized and active in their mission as it pertains to transforming our city. Classes are held 2 times per year, (winter) October - December and (spring) March - May. Participants from the region will engage in 6 sessions designed to inspire, develop and challenge them to be the change that they would like to see in their.

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Past Cohorts

Since inception in 2018, the Community Empowerment Program has trained over 25 organizations and community organizersto empower and serve the citizens of Trenton. Each of these organizations have taken up the mantle to do the work that it will take to make their communities the safe and thriving places that we would all love to raise our families.

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