Sowing into
the City of Trenton

Our Mission is to Empower our Community, Cultivate Leaders and Transform
Lives by Providing Funding and Leadership Development
to Organizations serving Trenton, NJ.

Core Values

Sowing The Seed: EDUCATION
We believe that all Trentonians have a right to be educated. Using higher education as a springboard, citizens will have the ability to increase homeownership and an economic stimulus in the city. We attest that "Higher Education as the Normal Next Step" is our goal with an emphasis on college and increased career/vocational awareness as well as promoting life-long learning to adult citizens.

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Purple Ribbon

The transformative work that the Smith Family Foundation is implementing throughout the city of Trenton is called the Purple Ribbon. THe Foundation is seeking to provide leadership development and funding to increase the impact across the city’s nonprofit and religious sector. We seek to create a community working collectively to promote a healthy and thriving urban hub.The Purple Ribbon is a three-pronged approach: Community Empowerment Classes, the Non-profit Incubation Center, and our Transformative Leadership Development Program.
Community Empowerment
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Incubation Center
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Transformative Leadership
Development Program
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Forever Forward Grant

A competitive three year grant that includes mandatory participation in our Transformative Leadership Development Program and increasing partially unrestricted grant funds.

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