Transformative Leadership
Development Program

TLDP is the third prong of our Purple Ribbon

Participants are organizations that have received one of the competitive grants in our Transformative Giving Platform, which consists of Summer Funding Grant, Extended Year Grant, and the Forever Forward Grant. TDLP is a leadership and organizational development program that the leadership of all funded organizations must participate in during the duration of the grant. TLDP has two tracks, the Non-Profit and Urban Ministry cohort groups.
We require three people from each organization to participate in the TLDP workshops; the Executive Director, a Board Member and another person who has decision making authority within the organization. Requiring three participants and not just the Executive Director is how we ensure that the organization itself benefits from the training and not just an individual.

Summer Funding Grant
3 TLDP Course Sessions
Open to any organization (grassroots or established) serving the city of Trenton

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Extended School Programming
Impact Support Grant

5 TLDP Course Sessions
Open to any (grassroots or established) organization promoting Higher Education as a Normal Next Step!

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Forever Forward Multi-Year Grant
30 TLDP Course Sessions
Grassroots organizations only

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