Purple Ribbon

Creating communities to promote a healthy and thriving urban hub.

Providing Leadership and Funding

The work that the Smith Family Foundation is implementing throughout the city of Trenton is called “The Purple Ribbon” The foundation provides leadership development and funding to increase the impact of organizations serving the citizens of Trenton. We are creating a community working collectively to promote a healthy and thriving urban hub.

The Purple Ribbon includes:
Our Transformative Giving, the Leadership Development Center and the I Am the Change Movement. 

Transformative Giving

Our philanthropy, is known as "Transformative Giving". It involves utilizing grants to bring organizations to the table. Our goal is to provide the educational and best practice tools to assist nonprofits and their leadership as the grow and develop their organizations to fulfill their mission. We support 501c3 organizations that promote higher educational as a normal next step and are working diligently to create a safe, healthy and thriving community.

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Transformative Leadership Development Center

TLDC plays a crucial role in our mission. We firmly believe in the transformative power of education, viewing it as a great equalizer. In Trenton, countless individuals and organizations are tirelessly working to make a difference. The Smith Family Foundation is dedicated to bridging the gap, guiding them from passion to impactful action. With a team of expert facilitators, we provide invaluable insights into the nonprofit sector and offer guidance in leadership development. Leadership Development is what SFFNJ does best.

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Provides scholarships and programming to promote our service agenda of Higher Education as the Normal Next Step! In addition to working with our scholarship recipients until graduation, we assist them in securing internships in and around the city of Trenton. It is our aim to show our students that Trenton is a viable place to live and that there are career opportunities available right here at home! We also understand that many of our scholars are first-generation, low-income students and will need to work during the summer to help pay for college expenses and or apprenticeships but that many of these opportunities do not come with a salary or stipend attached.

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