Transformative Leadership
Development Program

Transformative Giving

Our philanthropy, is known as "Transformative Giving". It involves utilizing grants to bring organizations to the table. Our goal is to provide the educational and best practice tools to assist nonprofits and their leadership as the grow and develop their organizations to fulfill their mission. We support 501c3 organizations that promote higher educational as a normal next step and are working diligently to create a safe, healthy and thriving community.

Summer Funding Grant
1 TLDC Course Sessions
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Extended School Programming
Impact Support Grant

5 TLDP Course Sessions
Grassroots organizations only
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Forever Forward Multi-Year Fellowship
30 TLDC Course Sessions
Grassroots organizations only
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Seed Grants – Higher Education
As the Normal Next Step

Contact Tyrell Smith
Community Engagement Specialist

Seed Grants – Adverse Childhood Experiences
(ACEs) Training, Intervention and Prevention)

Contact Tara Butler
Director of Community Engagement

Real Estate Grants
30 TLDC Course Sessions
SFFNJ Non-profit Incubation Center participants only.