Forever Forward Fellowship

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The Forever Forward Fellowship provides funding and leadership development to grassroots organizations in Trenton, including the religious sector. This three-year grant helps organizations increase capacity, expand networks, and improve internal practices.
Accepted organizations receive workshops, personal and professional development, and staff and board training. They participate in the Transformative Leadership Development Program and receive executive coaching. The first cohort benefited from learning opportunities facilitated by various professionals.

Organizational Requirements

  • A team of three key stakeholders must participate (a board member, the executive director, and one additional decision making member)
  • An annual operating budget of $250,000 or less
  • An established broad of Directors (can be an operating or governance board)
  • At least one full-time staff member or volunteer managing day-to-day operations
The fellowship was created to invest in smaller organizations in Trenton that have a significant impact and potential for growth. The Smith Family Foundation supports these organizations, acknowledging their ability to reach marginalized communities. By prioritizing smaller organizations, the foundation aims to promote innovation and expand networks.

Small Organizations

Supporting smaller organizations with the fellowship presents challenges, such as understaffing and limited resources. However, the foundation is committed to addressing these issues and uplifting grassroots organizations. Building relationships and providing access to philanthropic opportunities are identified as priorities.

Through the first cohort, the foundation learned the importance of relationships and supporting organizations in scaling their impact. With each new cohort, the Smith Family Foundation anticipates further growth and improvement of the Forever Forward Fellowship, benefiting organizations serving Trenton.

Current Forever Forward Grantees September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2022

HelpSelf Mission:
To transform families by providing them with educational, nutritional and emotional support.
Lawrence Boyd, Executive Director
Tel: 609.337.7635

HomeWorks Trenton Mission
HomeWorks is a free, community-based, after-school residential program that provides academic and social-emotional enrichment activities while empowering marginalized high school girls in their community.
Natalie Tung, Executive Director
Tel: 609.414.7907

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