Community Healing And Transformational Self-Resilience

Healthy ACES Training Program

Promoting and providing community wide training about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they affect our physical and mental health. Engaging the community to move the needle on the impact that trauma has on us collectively.

Classes are not in session. Upcoming dates to be announced. Join the mailing list to get notified.

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Purple Ribbon C.H.A.T.S

Our community is filled with stories where we have overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma. There are stories of triumph and fortitude all over our communities. And we are all intertwined by Ribbons of Hope, Faith, and Resilience Stories that must be told, Stories to encourage, to inspire stories to help you get through tough days. And yet still others that will have you celebrating as if the speakers are a part of your own family. We are family! Together we will build a stronger community. A stronger commitment to Restorative Health! A stronger commitment to one another, to our children, to ourselves.

So we invite you to join the Smith Family Foundation during our Purple Ribbon C.H.A.T.S as we promote Community Healing And Transformational Self-Resilience