Trenton Kids Count

Finding real solutions to the most challenging areas affecting our children.

Kids Count Booklet

The transformative work that the Smith Family Foundation (SFFNJ) is implementing throughout Trenton is called “The Purple Ribbon”.  SFFNJ is providing leadership as well as organizational development and funding to increase the impact of the nonprofit and religious sectors across the city.  We are creating an environment where we work strategically and cooperatively with the community to promote Trenton as a healthy thriving urban hub!     
Data is a driving force for the work that we do! We are extremely excited to share the Trenton Kids Count 2023 data book helps us all to take a comprehensive look at Trenton’s children and identify trends to help move Trenton forward! It serves as a reminder of the strides we have made since the 2019 release and the hope we have in the future as we continue to work with other community stakeholder to improve our city.

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Community Conversation Booklet

The Community Conversations are focused discussions aimed at addressing issues within Trenton and brainstorming ways to improve outcomes for children. The first three Community Conversations were public sessions, while the final three were closed discussions involving early childhood service providers serving the Trenton community. Attendees include parents, members of Trenton’s City Council, non-profit organizations, foundations, Trenton Public Schools and multiple universities such as Princeton University, Thomas Edison State University, Rider University, The College of New Jersey and Mercer County Community College.

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